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Vikina Lands Exciting Collaboration with Latin EDM Power Player Deorro for "Bambole"!

Latin EDM/POP sensation Vikina and Deorro have teamed up to deliver their highly anticipated collaboration, "BAMBOLE." This exhilarating new single seamlessly blends Latin and EDM beats and is now available on all major streaming platforms. Alongside the release, Vikina and her girlfriends take center stage in the official music video, treating viewers to an unforgettable girls' night out at Miami's renowned Club E11EVEN.

"BAMBOLE" is a vibrant celebration of life, dance, and embracing one's authentic self. With its infectious energy, pulsating rhythms, and vibrant lyrics, the track invites listeners to unleash their inner wildness and dance without inhibition. Vikina's mesmerizing vocals beautifully complement Deorro's dynamic energy, resulting in an explosive synergy that is sure to captivate fans worldwide.

The official music video aims to visually capture the essence of "BAMBOLE," taking viewers on a thrilling adventure alongside Vikina and her girlfriends. The video showcases a fun-filled girls' night out as they embark on an exciting journey to Miami's Club E11EVEN. As Vikina and Deorro take the stage, the room ignites into a frenzy of dance and celebration, highlighting the chemistry between the two artists as they deliver an unforgettable performance of "BAMBOLE." The video perfectly encapsulates the infectious spirit of the song, showcasing the unity and empowerment that music brings.

"'BAMBOLE' is a song that encourages people to embrace their roots and live life to the fullest," explains Vikina. "In the music video, we wanted to capture the essence of a fun girls' night out, celebrating friendship, freedom, and the joy of being together. Performing 'BAMBOLE' with Deorro for the first time at Club E11EVEN was an incredible experience, and we wanted to share that magical moment with our fans."

Deorro adds, "The official music video captures the excitement and energy we put into making this song, amplified by the connection we shared on stage. Collaborating with Vikina on 'BAMBOLE' has been an amazing journey, with several versions until we got the perfect sound. This single showcases the power music has to bring people together and create unforgettable memories."

The official music video of "BAMBOLE" is now available for viewing on various platforms. Join Vikina and her girlfriends on an exhilarating girls' night out as they head to Club E11EVEN and witness the explosive performance that marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between Vikina and Deorro.

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